Accurate EM models

Our unique Electromagnetic Modeler provides a circuital model of a generic electromagnetic structure (microwave, optical ..).

The generated circuit preserves the fundamental properties (such as passivity, causality, reciprocity..) of the actual device.

Pay for actual usage

There is no need of any upfront investment in hardware resources or sofwtare licenses.

Just subscribe to the Modelization Service which is delivered from the cloud and you will be able to use as much computing resources as needed.

You will pay only for the actual utilization of the Modelization Service.

Fast Parallel Processing

Large electromagnetic structures (microwave circuits, array antennas ...) are often created by assembling a large number of small parts.

These subcomponents are processed in parallel by independent instances of the Electromagnetic Modeler. The generated subcircuits form a global circuit which represents the complete electromagnetic structure.


The equivalent circuits are more valuable than response curves provided by traditional Electromagnetic Simulators and can be exploited for any analysis in the time or frequency domain.

Being described in the standard Spice format they can be imported in most commercial simulators allowing an easy integration into a typical design flow.

Generic Decomposition

The Electromagnetic Modeler is based on a new numerical method which extends the circuital approach to an arbitrary 3dimensional structure decomposed in a number of subdomains.

Reusing of EM models

Quite often large electromagnetic structures (periodic array antennas, Electromagnetic Band Gap strutures, Photonic Crystals ...) involve a repetition of many identical parts.

These structures are analysed with a great efficiency by our Electromagnetic Modeler because all the identical parts can share the same equivalent circuit.

latest news

The EmCAD release 0.7.2 has been published
Secure (verified) connection with the remote modeler service has been tested behind a firewall.

The EmCAD release 0.7 has been published with many improvements and bug fixing.
An accurate algorithm was introduced for the computation of lowest frequency resonances defining the poles of the equivalent circuit.
Other poles (above a user specified threshold) are computed by the MOR code to assure an exact interpolation over a discrete set of frequencies.
The step files exported by the RealThunder Fork of the FreeCAD code (now the recommended CAD tool) are well suited for the definition of the geometric structure.

New capabilities of filter design tool: custom (non canonical) ideal circuits and partial pre-distortion.
Improved processing of CAD data makes it possible to use geometries defined with ZW3D.

A deep rewriting of the Electromagnetic Modeler with the introduction of a more efficient method for the generation of the low level (mesh related) equivalent circuits. This release brings a great improvement in the usability of the EmCAD tool with a smaller effort required from the user side for the preparation of the problem data.

A new release of the Electromagnetic Modeler brings new tools for the design and tuning of microwave filters.
Started the development of this site with a first release of the Electromagnetic Modeler.